Cavern or Cave Training

Explore a very different type of environment as a cavern or cave diver. These courses will prepare you for penetration diving as well as greatly increase your diving skills for recreational diving. The first course, cavern, will certify you to dive in the daylight zone along with some other restrictions. Once mastered, you may then progress into the cave during the cave diving class. Enjoy lots of diving with these certifications, or continue your training to become an advanced cave diver.

Lectures will be held at UnderSea Adventures with the water training held in the Florida springs.


  • Cavern Diver – $600 + Diving cost
  • Cave Diver Level 1 – $1500 + Diving cost
  • Cave Diver Level 2 – $1500 + Diving cost
  • Cave Diver Level 3 – $1500 + Diving cost


18-year-old minimum, 75 logged dives. Introduction to Technical Diving required.

** Cavern diver is NOT required prior to Cave.

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